ICYMI: 2016 Legislative Season

In case you've missed it, legislative session 17-18 has begun! Many have asked why the Florida licensed midwives (LMs) have activated. I thought it might be a good idea to give a brief timeline to catch everyone up as we embark on the 2017 legislative season.

April 2016: Florida ACOG requests additional information from the Council of Licensed Midwifery

October 2016: CLM meeting with ACOG lobbyist present, who expressed concerns about the lack of adverse event reporting and oversight for licensed midwives.

November 2016: Licensed Midwives gather to engage in discussions, planning, and legislative work to help protect Chapter 467 and licensed midwifery. Legislative Committee is formed.

December 2016: LMs hire two lobbyists, Ron Watson of Watson Strategies, and Louis Rotundo. Both have extensive medical lobbying experience.

January 2017-March 2017: The Legislative Committee works collaboratively with ACOG to create language for a bill for adverse event reporting for out-of-hospital births.

April 2017: Ron Watson and Louis Rotundo work with ACOG to avoid placing the adverse event reporting language in Chapter 467, instead choosing to place it in Chapter 456. This is a great victory because it protects the Midwifery Practice Act.

April 2017: Capitol Day in Tallahassee! Eleven advocates attended with lobbyists Ron and Louis. 19 legislators were visited; this was a great success.

May 2017: Adverse event reporting, added as an amendment to an existing bill, does not advance from committee. Senator Dana Young reports she will sponsor a bill during the 2017-18 Legislative Session.

July 2017: The Foundation for Florida Midwives is created to support LMs in raising money for their lobbyist.

There! You're all caught up.

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